Open Data Seminar

Open Data Seminar will be in the afternoon session.  This seminar is in collaboration with World Bank. The official opening address by YB Datuk Joseph Entulu Balaun, Minister in Prime Minister Department.   The major agenda of this seminar is the launching of Open Data Readiness Assessment (ODRA) montage, and official submission   ODRA report by World Bank Group to MAMPU.

ODRA report is one of the outcomes in Open Data Readiness Assessment conducted collaboratively by World Bank Group with MAMPU in the year 2016.   This report manifests   our government’s readiness in open data.  MAMPU will implement in collaboration with various agencies, the action plans identified in the report either in short term, immediate term or long term.

The Open Data Seminar will include briefing and panel discussion  with the open data experts and two panellists, experts in the global arena of open data.

The 2017 Open Data Program will definitely trigger new innovative and creative ideas to enhance government delivery systems, by  leveraging the transparent and sustainable  open data as well as aligning to   the national  digital government agenda.   MAMPU will continue this program in the coming years to mainstream the national agenda on public service  transformation,    It will be the continuous effort for the government to strive raising our country ‘s global ranking, along with  the dramatic changes to the digital revolution. The program will definitely enable the   creation of  incomparable open data sets  with  high impactful and  compelling touch points   to citizens.

mohdhelmi Author